Why a Trainers Network?

Because beautiful and productive things are done in a team.

Our vision, that of transforming Romania through learning, is based on training, on passing knowledge further and on learning facilitation.

That is why, in order to increase, at national level, the quality of the activities within the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes, the Network of Trainers was born. This network continues the network’s experience from the former Youth in Action Programme, extending it to all areas of Erasmus+ and ESC.

This is the third network of Erasmus+ trainers that will operate during 2020-2027.


Topics Covered

The topics are varied and address issues such as the ones below:

  • Writing funding proposals in the context of the Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes: writing workshops dedicated to each area  of Erasmus+ (school education, vocational training, adult education, youth) and each of the 3 actions of the programme: mobility projects (KA1), strategic partnership projects (KA2) and structured dialogue (KA3). As far as the ESC programme is concerned, the network provides training on volunteering projects, solidarity projects and traineeships


  • Thematic elements to increase the quality of projects’ implementation within the Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes:

- dissemination and exploitation of results - only for strategic partnership and structured dialogue approved projects;

- other thematic courses in accordance with the European priorities or the priorities identified by the ANPCDEFP.


  • Courses specific to the volunteering projects under ESC:
  1. On-Arrival Training (for the foreign volunteers in the Romanian projects);
  2. Mid-Term Evaluation (for the foreign volunteers in the Romanian projects);
  3. Annual meeting of former volunteers (for the Romanian volunteers in projects abroad).

The standard duration of the workshops is 3 days. The courses are prepared and implemented based on a methodology that emphasizes the active participation and the commitment of those involved.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemia the workshops have been adapted for online learning.


Who Are the Trainers?

At present, the network has 54 members from all over the country. 

The trainers were selected on the basis of an open call. We ensured that we chose the best of the best. The last call was launched in 2020. Following this call, the following persons were selected (in alphabetical order according to the areas of expertise):

School Education 

  • Ecaterina-Gabriela Bălșeanu
  • Mihai Cosmin Catană
  • Andrei Dobre
  • Andreea Hagiu
  • Oana Monica Moșoiu
  • Alina Mustață
  • Vasile Neculăiasa Pavel
  • Megdonia Păunescu
  • Andreea Monica Păstae
  • Valentin Irinel Stancu
  • Simona Tonț


  • Andreea Ştefania Buzec
  • Silvia Mișu
  • Andrea Popa
  • Adriana Popescu
  • Liliana Rujanu
  • Ovidiu Florin Toderici

Adult education  

  • Diana Berceanu
  • Cătălina Niculina Curic
  • Andreea Aurelia Floroiu
  • Eva Orsolya Gruman
  • Alexandra Horea
  • Romina Graţiana Matei
  • Oana Mitruț
  • Cristina Rigman
  • Ruxandra Sorina Tănase


  • Mihaela Amariei
  • Mariann Kinga Arkosi
  • Mărioara Butyka
  • Ana Maria Grădinariu
  • Ana Maria Ilie
  • Dimitrie Anatoli Poștovei
  • Dani Prisacariu
  • Sorin Victor Roman
  • Răzvan Alin Rotariu


  • Marian Ion Ancuţa
  • Eugenia Barbu
  • Ioan Cristian Băbuţău
  • Diana Bere
  • Ioana-Maria Bere
  • Luciana Bold Popescu
  • Florin Ceparu
  • Nicoleta Olga Chiș Racolța
  • Alisia Coantă Damian
  • Sonia Maria Donca Bercuci
  • Ina Elena Lolescu
  • Elena Lupoaea Petrea
  • Carmen Marcu
  • Iuliana Adriana Pavel
  • Silvia-Roxana Turcu
  • Sorina Nihta
  • Corina Pintea
  • Adina Marina Șerban

Higher education

  • Beniamin Viorel Brânzaș
24 Noiembrie 2020

Erasmus accreditation is a way to access mobility activities under the new Erasmus+ programme. Accreditation is like a membership card for organisations who want to benefit from Erasmus mobility activities.

15 Octombrie 2020

On 15, 16 and 17 October 2020, the Erasmus Days will feature participants and beneficiaries in Europe and all over the world to celebrate the Erasmus+ programme and showcase its positive impact on people and organisations involved.

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