Eurydice publishes descriptions of national education systemscomparative reports devoted to specific topics, indicators and statistics, as well as news and articles related to the field of education.


Publications office of the EU


Erasmus+ resources and tools

For relevant reports and analysis regarding Erasmus+ at national level (in Romanian only), please click here.


Guides of nonformal learning methods

These guides have been created as a result of 2017 CONNECTOR international event:


24 Noiembrie 2020

Erasmus accreditation is a way to access mobility activities under the new Erasmus+ programme. Accreditation is like a membership card for organisations who want to benefit from Erasmus mobility activities.

15 Octombrie 2020

On 15, 16 and 17 October 2020, the Erasmus Days will feature participants and beneficiaries in Europe and all over the world to celebrate the Erasmus+ programme and showcase its positive impact on people and organisations involved.

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